12 Initiatives to Fight Extreme Gender Ideology

  1. No gender corrective surgical or medical treatment of children under the age of eighteen. The risk of misdiagnosis is too high and neither surgery nor other medical treatment is reversible. As such, puberty must be allowed to progress naturally. Children has a right to an undisturbed childhood, where they discover, who they are – it is a human right, which no adult or health professional must be allowed to violate.
  2. No legal sex change for children. Children are not fully able to comprehend the meaning and consequences of a legal sex change, and it makes it more difficult for a child to return to their biological sex.
  3. Female safe zones and women’s right to fair competition must be preserved. Gender neutral facilities is a viable option in several regards, but bathrooms in general, changing rooms, crisis centers, prisons, etc. must remain spaces for biological females only. Assault (sexual and other kinds) is a present danger. DIF (Dansk Idrætsforbund) must immediately correct any ambiguity in their current regulations, making it clear that biological males will never be allowed to participate in women’s sports. In addition, Danish sports organizations and policy makers must commit to working for the preservation of fairness in women’s sports internationally.
  4. The words “man” and “woman” must be protected. Neither should by government agencies be reduced to terms such as “birthing person” or “people with penises”. Words like “mother” and “father” must not be erased from our language but should be respected for their meaning. Our language must not be reduced out of misconstrued regard for trans people or others.
  5. Educational material in the Danish school system must be ideologically and politically neutral. To that effect, a full review of educational material from organizations such as Sex & Samfund, Normstormerne, and LGBT+ Danmark is recommended to ensure that no Danish students are taught gender ideological pseudoscience or pushed in a certain ideological direction. All materials must be neutral, scientifically based, and age appropriate.
  6. Sex education in the school system must be age appropriate and based on established, recognized research. The purpose of sex education is to learn about sex, the body, STDs, and similar health-related subjects – it is not a norm critical, activist project to teach children and young people about structural power, perceived privileges, gender ideology, or to promote a certain world view.
  7. Statements stemming from gender ideological theory must be removed from the platform Sundhed.dk to ensure that it remains reliable and based on peer-reviewed, objective research.
  8. KØN – Gender Museum Denmark must return to its roots as a Women’s Museum. Women’s history must not be pushed aside and appropriated by a woke agenda, seeking to erase their gender. It must not function as a state funded and -sanctioned museum of wokeness.
  9. The natural sciences should be prioritized and protected in the school system. The natural sciences must not alter its conclusions or inhibit its freedom of method to align with other fields of research, such as social constructionism. Nor must the natural sciences be subject to modification to fit any woke or other ideological agenda seeking to undermine the scientific method.
  10. The diagnosis gender dysphoria must again be recognized as a mental illness. It is a condition of the most invasive sort when a person feels that they do not belong in their own body. We must call things by their rightful name out of respect for the people who live with gender dysphoria and go through comprehensive medical treatment to reconcile with their bodies. The goal must remain to ensure that all trans people can thrive as much as possible, and that is only achievable if we are honest and able to call things what they are.
  11. Research into social contagion and Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) must be prioritized and funded. We are seeing a massive and unexplained rise in children seeking to change their sex. Several sources believe this to be the result of social contagion – not a natural rise as a result of rising tolerance, for instance. This is highly problematic as medical treatment is becoming increasingly more easily available to children, which increases the risk of children undergoing comprehensive medical treatment with serious and irreversible side effects (sterility, among others) that they later regret. Danish policy makers must prepare a plan of action to address this situation and ensure that we do not mistreat healthy children simply because we live in a time where woke ideologues are confusing natural insecurity, confusion, and personal experimentation with identity growing up with gender dysphoria.
  12. Freedom of speech must be protected. Freedom of speech is under attack, and we are seeing a growing culture of cancelling people who express “wrong” opinions. Open and honest debate is at the foundation of any healthy, functioning society, but today many are afraid to engage in debate about LGBT-subjects out of fear of persecution, bullying, and even threats – this includes many LGBT-people, as well. We have fought long and hard to be able to live our lives honesty and out in the open, but now we are being pushed back into the closet. Only this time, it is a closet of opinions, where only the ”right” ones are allowed out. This is unacceptable to us, which is why we will fight for freedom of speech and anyone’s right to express their opinions – even, or perhaps especially, when we do not agree with them.